Simplified Testament: The Cover

We welcome you to IKEABIBLE, the simplified testament. The manuals IKEA makes to help people build there furniture inspired us. Particularly it’s the clarity and simplicity with which they express complex ideas. It occurred to us that it would be great if the Bible could be expressed in the same way, and IKEABIBLE was born.

simplified testament
Simplified Testament

There’s not a whole lot to say about the first page, but we’re still proud of our work and wanted to go ahead and announce it on the blog. We hope that it sets the tone for the rest that is to come. Represented here is a simple book with a ribbon bookmark. Lines represent the text of the book, but no particular language is visible. This helps indicate that IKEABIBLE is open to all who seek it’s knowledge, regardless of what language the speak. Regardless even of whether or not the viewer is literate.

The Future of the Simplified Testament

The plan so far is to work through the bible in order, starting with Genesis and ending with revelation. The work will likely start out slow and then speed up. This will be due to the development a library of pictograms. Also we will create vocabulary for expressing the content of the bible. I expect that we may be slowed a little as we transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament. This is because of the change of focus from one testament to the next.

Thank you for your interest in our work! We hope you’ll be back soon to see the upcoming pages! We’ll be back to you with more as soon as possible! Until then, take care!

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