A Firmament -Genesis 1:6

Fun fact to start us off today. A firmament, as it is translated from the Hebrew, refers to something that has been stretched, spread or hammered out like a metal. Apologetics press has an interesting article on the topic here. Below is our pictographic version of Genesis 1:6 in it, you can see the firmament depicted as a dome.

God proposes a firmament.
Genesis 1:6 (NIV) And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.”

The pictogram for the primal waters makes a another appearance here. God proposes the existence of an object to separate the primal water into two spaces, one above and one below. A plus sign connects the suggestion of the proposition and usage. This is intended, again, to show that the two are intrinsically connected. The ideas are important separately. They must also be important in juxtaposition.

Controversy Over a Firmament

We do a substantial amount of research for each verse we translate. We don’t view it as our place, here at IKEABIBLE, to question the meaning of the bible as we translate it into pictograms. However there does seem to be substantial controversy about the firmament. It seems to be dependent on how literally one interprets the bible, and how reliant one is one science.

The original Hebrew word does not refer to a specific physical object, but rather a means of creating the thing. Also, as noted in our previous discussion of the primal water pictogram, the water described here may not be exactly the same as what we experience today.

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